About Me

Dr Nicholas Miller works as a chiropractor and wellness practitioner in Lane Cove. Working in one of Sydney’s largest multidisciplinary clinics, with the focus on improving the health and well being in people of all ages. Nicholas focuses on looking at people from a physical, nutritional and emotional, aspect to recover from injuries and to enhance overall health and wellbeing. Believing that prevention is better than cure, Nicholas has strong focuses on getting people to move well, think well and eat well.

Nicholas works with amateur and professional athletes to enhance function, reduce injuries and optimise performance. Nicholas has played numerous sports over time, though now focussing on martial arts. Having great success at local, State, National and World Title competitions, Nicholas as firsthand experience in what it takes on physical, nutritional and mindset to achieve not only great sporting results but to elevate your health to the next level.

Nicholas is constantly reading and undergoing post graduate study, to keep up to date. These have included, certificate in sports Nutrition, Wellness and Well being, and functional movement screen, just to name a few.