Sports Performance

Chiropractic can greatly assist athletes with performance optimization and injury prevention. An injury, whether at a professional level or local, can be disruptive and frustrating for the team and the player.  Chiropractic can also assist with injury prevention and performance enhancement. Muscle and joint adhesions can impact on an athlete’s range of motion. These adhesions can increase and athletes risk of injury and impact on performance. Through the use of soft tissue releases, joint mobilizations and manipulation, adhesions can be broken down, range of motion and neurological integrity restored.

I myself have used chiropractic to help me towards winning Gold and Bronze in the 2013 GKR Karate Word Championships. Success has also been achieved with top three finishes at National, State and regional tournaments. I have also assisted members of the Athletic Australia 400m fast track team, crossfit athletes, Chatswood Rangers Premier division, as well as 2x Olympic Gold Medallist Lashawn Merritt and World Champion Hurdler David Oliver.